Merry Cherry Holiday Dessert


1.5 cups boiling water

8oz box of red jello

1.5 cups cold water

1 can 21oz cherry filling

4 cups of angel food cake, cubed

3 cups cold milk

2 4 serving boxes of vanilla instant pudding

1 tub of cool whip


Stir boiling water and gelatin in large bowl for at least two minutes.

Stir in cold water and cherry pie filling and refrigerate for one hours or until slightly thickened (egg white consistency).

Place cubes of angel food cake into the serving bowl and spoon the gelatin mixture over them.  Refrigerate for 45 minutes or until the gelatin sticks to your finger. It must not be firm.

Pour milk into a large bowl and add the pudding mixtures.  Beat with a wire whisk for one minutes.  Gently stir in two cups of cool whip and spoon over the gelatin.

Refrigerate for two hours or until it is set.  Top with remaining cool whip and garnish.







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